openETCS Principles
Open Source. Open Source Rules of Engagement.

openETCS is delivered as Open Source Software under the EUPL. The project in conducted in conformance with the following "Open Source rules of engagement":

  • Openess - openETCS is open to everybody; We provide the same opportunity to all. Everyone can participate under the same rules; there are no rules to exclude any potential contributors which include, of course, direct competitors in the marketplace.
  • Transparency - Project discussions, minutes, deliberations, project plans, plans for new features, and other artifacts are open, public, and easily accessible.
  • Meritocracy - openETCS is a meritocracy. The more you contribute the more responsibility you will earn. Leadership roles in openETCS are also merit-based and earned by peer acclaim.

All subprojects of openETCS are governed by the openETCS Development Process, which has been inherited from the proven Eclipse Development Process.

It is important to note that all projects have a lifecycle going from pre-proposal to proposal, incubation and maturity. All project phases except the pre-proposal phase are public! If you plan to submit a project proposal please have a look at the Project Proposal Guidelines and / or contact the ecosystem project the ecosystem project or the openETCS Mentoring Board.